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intel_infoframes(1)							      intel_infoframes(1)

       intel_infoframes - View and change HDMI InfoFrames


       intel_infoframes  is  a	tool  to view and change the HDMI InfoFrames sent by the GPU. Its
       main purpose is to be used as a debugging tool. In some cases (e.g., when changing  modes)
       the Kernel will undo the changes made by this tool.

       Descriptions of the InfoFrame fields can be found on the HDMI and CEA-861 specifications.

       Use the -h or --help options to learn how to use the command

       Not all HDMI monitors respect the InfoFrames sent to them. Only GEN 4 or newer hardware is
       supported yet.

       HDMI specification, CEA-861 specification.

X Version 11			       intel-gpu-tools 1.3		      intel_infoframes(1)
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