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BlueZ(1)				  User Commands 				 BlueZ(1)

       pand - BlueZ Bluetooth PAN daemon

       The pand PAN daemon allows your computer to connect to ethernet networks using Bluetooth.

       pand <options>

       --show --list -l
	      Show active PAN connections

       --listen -s
	      Listen for PAN connections

       --connect -c <bdaddr>
	      Create PAN connection

       --search -Q[duration]
	      Search and connect

       --kill -k <bdaddr>
	      Kill PAN connection

       --killall -K
	      Kill all PAN connections

       --role -r <role>
	      Local PAN role (PANU, NAP, GN)

       --service -d <role>
	      Remote PAN service (PANU, NAP, GN)

       --ethernet -e <name>
	      Network interface name

       --device -i <bdaddr>
	      Source bdaddr

       --nosdp -D
	      Disable SDP

       --encrypt -E
	      Enable encryption

       --secure -S
	      Secure connection

       --master -M
	      Become the master of a piconet

       --nodetach -n
	      Do not become a daemon

       --persist -p[interval]
	      Persist mode

       --cache -C[valid]
	      Cache addresses

       --pidfile -P <pidfile>
	      Create PID file

       --devup -u <script>
	      Script to run when interface comes up

       --devdown -o <script>
	      Script to run when interface comes down

       --autozap -z
	      Disconnect automatically on exit

       The  devup/devdown script will be called with bluetooth device as first argument and blue-
       tooth destination address as second argument.

PAN daemon				  February 2003 				 BlueZ(1)
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