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CentOS 7.0 - man page for plymouth-set-default-theme (centos section 1)

PLYMOUTH-SET-DEFAU(1)						   User Commands					     PLYMOUTH-SET-DEFAU(1)

plymouth-set-default-theme - Set the plymouth theme
plymouth-set-default-theme [OPTION...] [THEME]
When called with a THEME argument, the plymouth-set-default-theme command changes the preferred boot theme and also performs the necessary regeneration of the initial ramdisk (initrd) since plymouth is loaded from the boot loader from the initrd prior to the mounting of the root filesystem. If plymouth-set-default-theme is invoked with no options or parameters, it shows the currently selected theme by default. This output is used by the helper scripts plymouth-generate-initrd and plymouth-update-initrd to set the proper theme in the initial ramdisk.
The following options are understood: -h, --help Show summary of options. -l, --list List available themes. -r, --reset Reset to default theme. -R, --rebuild-initrd Rebuild initrd (necessary after changing theme).
grub(8), plymouth(8), plymouthd(8), plymouth(1), plymouth PLYMOUTH-SET-DEFAU(1)