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CentOS 7.0 - man page for brlapi_connectionsettings_t (centos section 3)

brlapi_connectionSettings_t(3)				BrlAPI			       brlapi_connectionSettings_t(3)

brlapi_connectionSettings_t - Settings structure for BrlAPI connection.
#include <brlapi.h> Data Fields char * auth char * host Detailed Description This structure holds every parameter needed to connect to BrlAPI: which file the authorization key can be found in and which computer to connect to. Examples: brlapi_connectionSettings_t settings; settings.auth='/etc/brlapi.key'; settings.host='foo'; libbrlapi will read authorization key from file /etc/brlapi.key and connect to the machine called 'foo', on the default TCP port. settings.host=''; lets directly enter an IP address instead of a machine name. settings.host=':1'; lets libbrlapi connect to the local computer, on port BRLAPI_SOCKETPORTNUM+1 See Also: brlapi_openConnection() Field Documentation char* brlapi_connectionSettings_t::auth For security reasons, libbrlapi has to get authorized to connect to the BrlAPI server. This can be done via a secret key, for instance. This is the path to the file which holds it; it will hence have to be readable by the application. Setting NULL defaults it to local installation setup or to the content of the BRLAPI_AUTH environment variable, if it exists. char* brlapi_connectionSettings_t::host This tells where the BrlAPI server resides: it might be listening on another computer, on any TCP port. It should look like 'foo:1', which means TCP port number BRLAPI_SOCKETPORTNUM+1 on computer called 'foo'. Note: Please check that resolving this name works before complaining Settings NULL defaults it to localhost, using the local installation's default TCP port, or to the content of the BRLAPI_HOST environment variable, if it exists. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for BrlAPI from the source code. Version 1.0 Mon Apr 1 2013 brlapi_connectionSettings_t(3)

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