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brlapi_connectionSettings_t(3)		      BrlAPI		   brlapi_connectionSettings_t(3)

       brlapi_connectionSettings_t -

       Settings structure for BrlAPI connection.

       #include <brlapi.h>

   Data Fields
       char * auth
       char * host

Detailed Description
       This structure holds every parameter needed to connect to BrlAPI: which file the
       authorization key can be found in and which computer to connect to.


	   brlapi_connectionSettings_t settings;


       libbrlapi will read authorization key from file /etc/brlapi.key and connect to the machine
       called 'foo', on the default TCP port.


       lets directly enter an IP address instead of a machine name.


       lets libbrlapi connect to the local computer, on port BRLAPI_SOCKETPORTNUM+1

       See Also:

Field Documentation
   char* brlapi_connectionSettings_t::auth
       For security reasons, libbrlapi has to get authorized to connect to the BrlAPI server.
       This can be done via a secret key, for instance. This is the path to the file which holds
       it; it will hence have to be readable by the application.

       Setting NULL defaults it to local installation setup or to the content of the BRLAPI_AUTH
       environment variable, if it exists.

   char* brlapi_connectionSettings_t::host
       This tells where the BrlAPI server resides: it might be listening on another computer, on
       any TCP port. It should look like 'foo:1', which means TCP port number
       BRLAPI_SOCKETPORTNUM+1 on computer called 'foo'.

	   Please check that resolving this name works before complaining

       Settings NULL defaults it to localhost, using the local installation's default TCP port,
       or to the content of the BRLAPI_HOST environment variable, if it exists.

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