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       ares_inet_ntop - convert a network format address to presentation format

       #include <ares.h>

       const char *
       ares_inet_ntop(int af, const void *src, char *dst, ares_socklen_t size);

       This  is  a  portable  version  with the identical functionality of the commonly available

       The ares_inet_ntop() function converts a numeric address into a text string  suitable  for
       presentation. The af argument shall specify the family of the address. This can be AF_INET
       or AF_INET6.  The src argument points to a buffer holding an IPv4 address if the af  argu-
       ment is AF_INET, or an IPv6 address if the af argument is AF_INET6; the address must be in
       network byte order. The dst argument points to a buffer	where  the  function  stores  the
       resulting  text string; it shall not be NULL. The size argument specifies the size of this
       buffer, which shall be large enough to hold the text string (INET_ADDRSTRLEN (16)  charac-
       ters for IPv4, INET6_ADDRSTRLEN (46) characters for IPv6).

       ares_init(3), ares_inet_pton(3)

       made properly publicly available in c-ares for real in version 1.10.0

       Daniel Stenberg

					   17 Feb 2013				ARES_INET_NTOP(3)
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