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QIconDragEvent(3qt)													       QIconDragEvent(3qt)

QIconDragEvent - Signals that a main icon drag has begun
#include <qevent.h> Inherits QEvent. Public Members QIconDragEvent () bool isAccepted () const void accept () void ignore ()
The QIconDragEvent class signals that a main icon drag has begun. Icon drag events are sent to widgets when the main icon of a window has been dragged away. On Mac OS X this is fired when the proxy icon of a window is dragged off titlebar, in response to this event is is normal to begin using drag and drop. See also Event Classes.
QIconDragEvent::QIconDragEvent () Constructs an icon drag event object with the accept parameter flag set to FALSE. See also accept(). void QIconDragEvent::accept () Sets the accept flag of the icon drag event object. Setting the accept flag indicates that the receiver of this event has started a drag and drop oeration. The accept flag is not set by default. See also ignore() and QWidget::hide(). void QIconDragEvent::ignore () Clears the accept flag of the icon drag object. Clearing the accept flag indicates that the receiver of this event has not handled the icon drag as a result other events can be sent. The icon drag event is constructed with the accept flag cleared. See also accept(). bool QIconDragEvent::isAccepted () const Returns TRUE if the receiver of the event has started a drag and drop operation; otherwise returns FALSE. See also accept() and ignore().
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