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CentOS 7.0 - man page for perf-timechart (centos section 1)

PERF-TIMECHART(1)						    perf Manual 						 PERF-TIMECHART(1)

perf-timechart - Tool to visualize total system behavior during a workload
There are two variants of perf timechart: 'perf timechart record <command>' to record the system level events of an arbitrary workload. 'perf timechart' to turn a trace into a Scalable Vector Graphics file, that can be viewed with popular SVG viewers such as 'Inkscape'.
-o, --output= Select the output file (default: output.svg) -i, --input= Select the input file (default: unless stdin is a fifo) -w, --width= Select the width of the SVG file (default: 1000) -P, --power-only Only output the CPU power section of the diagram -p, --process Select the processes to display, by name or PID --symfs=<directory> Look for files with symbols relative to this directory.
perf-record(1) perf 06/30/2014 PERF-TIMECHART(1)