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inputattach(1)									   inputattach(1)

       inputattach - attach a serial line to an input-layer device

       inputattach [--daemon] [--always] [--noinit] [--baud baud>] <mode> <device>

       inputattach attaches a serial line to an input-layer device via a line discipline.

       Exactly one of the available modes must be specified on the command line.

	      Forks into the background.

	      Ignore initialization failures when attaching the device.

	      Skip device initialization.

       --baud Specify the baud rate to use. (This is only necessary if the default rate is incor-

       -dump, --dump
	      Just enable device .

       -elo3b, --elo261-280
	      ELO Touchscreen, 3-byte mode.

       -elo4b, --elo271-140
	      ELO touchscreen, 4-byte mode.

       -elo6b, --elo4002
	      ELO touchscreen, 6-byte mode.

       -elo, --elotouch
	      ELO touchscreen, 10-byte mode.

       -fjt, --fujitsu
	      Fujitsu serial touchscreen.

       -ipaq, --h3600ts
	      Ipaq h3600 touchscreen.

       -ifor, --iforce
	      I-Force joystick or wheel.

       -ms3, --intellimouse
	      Microsoft IntelliMouse.

       -lk, --lkkbd
	      DEC LK201 / LK401 keyboards.

       -mag, --magellan
	      Magellan / SpaceMouse.

       -bare, --microsoft
	      2-button Microsoft mouse.

       -mmw, --mmwheel
	      Logitech mouse with 4-5 buttons or a wheel.

       -mman, --mouseman
	      3-button Logitech / Genius mouse.

       -msc, --mousesystems
	      3-button Mouse Systems mouse.

       -ms, --mshack
	      3-button mouse in Microsoft mode.

       -mtouch, --mtouch
	      MicroTouch (3M) touchscreen.

       -newt, --newtonkbd
	      Newton keyboard.

       -pm3k, --penmount3000
	      Penmount 3000 touchscreen.

       -pm6k, --penmount6000
	      Penmount 6000 touchscreen.

       -pmm1, --penmount6250
	      Penmount 6250 touchscreen.

       -pm9k, --penmount9000
	      Penmount 9000 touchscreen.

       -ps2ser, --ps2serkbd
	      PS/2 via serial keyboard.

       -sbl, --spaceball
	      SpaceBall 2003 / 3003 / 4000 FLX.

       -orb, --spaceorb
	      SpaceOrb 360 / SpaceBall Avenger.

       -sting, --stinger
	      Gravis Stinger.

       -ipaqkbd, --stowawaykbd
	      Stowaway keyboard.

       -skb, --sunkbd
	      Sun Type 4 and Type 5 keyboards.

       -sun, --sunmouse
	      3-button Sun mouse.

       -taos, --taos-evm
	      TAOS evaluation module.

       -tsc, --tsc
	      TSC-10/25/40 touch screen.

       -t213, --touchit213
	      Sahara Touch-iT213 Tablet PC.

       -tr, --touchright
	      Touchright serial touchscreen.

       -tw, --touchwin
	      Touchwindow serial touchscreen.

       -twidjoy, --twiddler-joy
	      Handykey Twiddler used as a joystick.

       -twid, --twiddler
	      Handykey Twiddler chording keyboard.

       -vs, --vsxxx-aa
	      DEC VSXXX-AA / VSXXX-GA mouse and VSXXX-A tablet.

       -w8001, --w8001
	      Wacom W8001 pen and/or touch devices. The default baud rate, 38400bps,  allows  for
	      touch-only  or  pen and touch devices; for pen-only devices, "--baud 19200" must be

       -war, --warrior
	      WingMan Warrior.

       -zhen, --zhen-hua
	      Zhen Hua 5-byte protocol.

       inputattach was written by Vojtech Pavlik and Arndt Schoenewald, and improved by many oth-
       ers; see the linuxconsole tools documentation for details.

       This  manual  page  was	written by Stephen Kitt <steve@sk2.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).

inputattach				  August 9, 2011			   inputattach(1)

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