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CentOS 7.0 - man page for tk_getatomname (centos section 3)

Tk_InternAtom(3)		      Tk Library Procedures			 Tk_InternAtom(3)


       Tk_InternAtom, Tk_GetAtomName - manage cache of X atoms

       #include <tk.h>

       Tk_InternAtom(tkwin, name)

       const char *
       Tk_GetAtomName(tkwin, atom)

       Tk_Window tkwin (in)	      Token  for  window.  Used to map atom or name relative to a
				      particular display.

       const char *name (in)	      String name for which atom is desired.

       Atom atom (in)		      Atom for which corresponding string name is desired.

       These procedures  are  similar  to  the	Xlib  procedures  XInternAtom  and  XGetAtomName.
       Tk_InternAtom  returns the atom identifier associated with string given by name;  the atom
       identifier is only valid for the display associated with  tkwin.   Tk_GetAtomName  returns
       the string associated with atom on tkwin's display.  The string returned by Tk_GetAtomName
       is in Tk's storage:  the caller need not free this space when finished  with  the  string,
       and the caller should not modify the contents of the returned string.  If there is no atom
       atom on tkwin's display, then Tk_GetAtomName returns the string "?bad atom?".

       Tk caches the information returned by Tk_InternAtom  and  Tk_GetAtomName  so  that  future
       calls  for  the	same  information  can	be serviced from the cache without contacting the
       server.	Thus Tk_InternAtom and Tk_GetAtomName are generally much faster than  their  Xlib
       counterparts, and they should be used in place of the Xlib procedures.

       atom, cache, display

Tk										 Tk_InternAtom(3)

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