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PMAP(1) 				  User Commands 				  PMAP(1)

       pmap - report memory map of a process

       pmap [options] pid [...]

       The pmap command reports the memory map of a process or processes.

       -x, --extended
	      Show the extended format.

       -d, --device
	      Show the device format.

       -q, --quiet
	      Do not display some header or footer lines.

       -A, --range low,high
	      Limit  results  to  the given range to low and high address range.  Notice that the
	      low and high arguments are single string separated with comma.

       -X     Show even more details than the -x option. WARNING:  format  changes  according  to

       -XX    Show everything the kernel provides

       -p, --show-path
	      Show full path to files in the mapping column

       -c, --read-rc
	      Read the default configuration

       -C, --read-rc-from file
	      Read the configuration from file

       -n, --create-rc
	      Create new default configuration

       -N, --create-rc-to file
	      Create new configuration to file

       -h, --help
	      Display help text and exit.

       -V, --version
	      Display version information and exit.

	      0      Success.
	      1      Failure.
	      42     Did not find all processes asked for.

       ps(1), pgrep(1)

       No standards apply, but pmap looks an awful lot like a SunOS command.

       Please send bug reports to <procps@freelists.org>

procps-ng				  September 2012				  PMAP(1)
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