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XML::SAX::Exception(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	   XML::SAX::Exception(3)

       XML::SAX::Exception - Exception classes for XML::SAX

	 throw XML::SAX::Exception::NotSupported(
		 Message => "The foo feature is not supported",

       This module is the base class for all SAX Exceptions, those defined in the spec as well as
       those that one may create for one's own SAX errors.

       There are three subclasses included, corresponding to those of the SAX spec:


       Use them wherever you want, and as much as possible when you encounter such errors. SAX is
       meant to use exceptions as much as possible to flag problems.

       All you need to do to create a new exception class is:

	 @XML::SAX::Exception::MyException::ISA = ('XML::SAX::Exception')

       The given package doesn't need to exist, it'll behave correctly this way. If your
       exception refines an existing exception class, then you may also inherit from that instead
       of from the base class.

       This is as simple as exemplified in the SYNOPSIS. In fact, there's nothing more to know.
       All you have to do is:

	 throw XML::SAX::Exception::MyException( Message => 'Something went wrong' );

       and voila, you've thrown an exception which can be caught in an eval block.

perl v5.16.3				    2011-09-14			   XML::SAX::Exception(3)
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