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pax11publish(1) 								  pax11publish(1)

       pax11publish - PulseAudio X11 Credential Utility

       pax11publish -h

       pax11publish [options] [-d]

       pax11publish [options] -e

       pax11publish [options] -i

       pax11publish [options] -r

       The  pax11publish  utility can be used to dump or manipulate the PulseAudio server creden-
       tials that can be stored as properties on the X11 root window.

       Please note that the loadable  module  module-x11-publish  exports  the	same  information
       directly  from the PulseAudio sound server, and should in most cases be used in preference
       over this tool.

       Use the following command to dump the raw PulseAudio-specific data that is stored in  your
       X11 root window:

       xprop -root | grep ^PULSE_

       -h     Show help.

       -d     Read  the  PulseAudio  server  credentials currently set on the X11 root window and
	      dump them in a human  readable  form.  This  reads  the  PULSE_SERVER,  PULSE_SINK,
	      PULSE_SOURCE and PULSE_COOKIE properties.

       -i     Similar  to  -d, however dumps them in a Bourne shell compatible format so they may
	      be used together with the eval shell command to set the $PULSE_SERVER, $PULSE_SINK,
	      $PULSE_SOURCE  environment variables. Also reads the authentication cookie from the
	      root window and stores it in ~/.config/pulse/cookie.

       -e     Export the currently locally used sound server, sink, source configuration  to  the
	      X11  root  window.  This	takes  the  data  from	the  $PULSE_SERVER,  $PULSE_SINK,
	      $PULSE_SOURCE environment variables and combines them with the  data  from  ~/.con-
	      fig/pulse/client.conf  (or  /etc/pulse/client.conf if that file does not exist). If
	      specific options are passed on the command line (-S, -O, -I, -c, see  below),  they
	      take   precedence.   Also   uploads   the   local   authentication  cookie  ~/.con-
	      fig/pulse/cookie to the X11 server.

       -r     Removes the configured PulseAudio configuration from the X11 root window.

       -D DISPLAY
	      Connect to the specified X11 display, instead of	the  default  one  configured  in

       -S SERVER
	      Only  valid  for	-e:  export the specified PulseAudio server as default to the X11
	      display instead of the one configured via local configuration.

       -O SINK
	      Only valid for -e: export the specified sink as default sink  to	the  X11  display
	      instead of the one configured via local configuration.

       -I SOURCE
	      Only  valid  for	-e:  export  the  specified  source as default to the X11 display
	      instead of the one configured via local configuration.

       -c FILE
	      Only valid for -e: export the PulseAudio authentication cookie stored in the speci-
	      fied file to the X11 display instead of the one stored in ~/.config/pulse/cookie.

       The  PulseAudio	Developers  <pulseaudio-discuss  (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>;
       PulseAudio is available from http://pulseaudio.org/

       pulseaudio(1), xprop(1)

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