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       foomatic-ppd-options - show the PPD options

       foomatic-ppd-options [-d=debuglevel] [ ppdfiles ]

       The  foomatic-ppd-options  program  reads the specified PPD files or stdin and decodes the
       PPD file to produce a list of options.  This is really just a text based version of  other
       print configuration tools.

       The  output format consists of a set of lines, each starting with a keyword, followed by a
       set of options and the default value.  For example:

	      makemodel = Tektronix Phaser 350 Foomatic/Postscript (recommended)
	      name=PageSize; default=Letter; options=Letter (US Letter), \
		  A4 (A4), 11x17 (11x17), A3 (A3), A5 (A5), B5 (B5 \(JIS\)),...
	      name=PageRegion; default=Letter; options=Letter (US Letter), A4 (A4), ...

       Each option starts with the name tag, followed by a default value (if  any),  followed  by
       the set of options and a comment describing them.  Punctuation in the comment is escaped.

	    Set the debug level. 0 disables debug messages.

       [ files ]
	    The list of PPD files to read for options.	A '-' causes STDIN to be read.

       foomatic-ppd-options  exits  with  a  0 status if successful, and nonzero if an error.  An
       error message is also printed on standard error (STDERR).

       Patrick Powell <papowell at astart.com>

       Probably.  But it has been tested.

Foomatic Project			    2003-09-16			  FOOMATIC-PPD-OPTIONS(1)
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