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Git::SVN::Editor(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	      Git::SVN::Editor(3)

       Git::SVN::Editor - commit driver for "git svn set-tree" and dcommit

	       use Git::SVN::Editor;
	       use Git::SVN::Ra;

	       my $ra = Git::SVN::Ra->new($url);
	       my %opts = (
		       r => 19,
		       log => "log message",
		       ra => $ra,
		       config => SVN::Core::config_get_config($svn_config_dir),
		       tree_a => "$commit^",
		       tree_b => "$commit",
		       editor_cb => sub { print "Committed r$_[0]\n"; },
		       mergeinfo => "/branches/foo:1-10",
		       svn_path => "trunk"
	       Git::SVN::Editor->new(\%opts)->apply_diff or print "No changes\n";

	       my $re = Git::SVN::Editor::glob2pat("trunk/*");
	       if ($branchname =~ /$re/) {
		       print "matched!\n";

       This module is an implementation detail of the "git svn" command.  Do not use it unless
       you are developing git-svn.

       This module adapts the "SVN::Delta::Editor" object returned by
       "SVN::Delta::get_commit_editor" and drives it to convey the difference between two git
       tree objects to a remote Subversion repository.

       The interface will change as git-svn evolves.

       Subversion perl bindings, the core Carp and IO::File modules, and git's Git helper module.

       "Git::SVN::Editor" has not been tested using callers other than git-svn itself.

       SVN::Delta, Git::SVN::Fetcher.

       None reported.


perl v5.16.3				    2013-06-10			      Git::SVN::Editor(3)
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