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CentOS 7.0 - man page for papi_component_info_t (centos section 3)

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PAPI_component_info_t(3)		       PAPI			 PAPI_component_info_t(3)

       PAPI_component_info_t -

   Data Fields
       char name [128]
       char short_name [64]
       char description [128]
       char version [64]
       char support_version [64]
       char kernel_version [64]
       char disabled_reason [128]
       int disabled
       int CmpIdx
       int num_cntrs
       int num_mpx_cntrs
       int num_preset_events
       int num_native_events
       int default_domain
       int available_domains
       int default_granularity
       int available_granularities
       int hardware_intr_sig
       int component_type
       int reserved [8]
       unsigned int hardware_intr:1
       unsigned int precise_intr:1
       unsigned int posix1b_timers:1
       unsigned int kernel_profile:1
       unsigned int kernel_multiplex:1
       unsigned int fast_counter_read:1
       unsigned int fast_real_timer:1
       unsigned int fast_virtual_timer:1
       unsigned int attach:1
       unsigned int attach_must_ptrace:1
       unsigned int cntr_umasks:1
       unsigned int cpu:1
       unsigned int inherit:1
       unsigned int reserved_bits:12

Detailed Description
Field Documentation
   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::attach
       Supports attach

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::attach_must_ptrace
       Attach must first ptrace and stop the thread/process

   int PAPI_component_info_t::available_domains
       Available domains

   int PAPI_component_info_t::available_granularities
       Available granularities

   int PAPI_component_info_t::CmpIdx
       Index into the vector array for this component; set at init time

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::cntr_umasks
       counters have unit masks

   int PAPI_component_info_t::component_type
       Type of component

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::cpu
       Supports specifying cpu number to use with event set

   int PAPI_component_info_t::default_domain
       The default domain when this component is used

   int PAPI_component_info_t::default_granularity
       The default granularity when this component is used

   char PAPI_component_info_t::description[128]
       Description of the component

   int PAPI_component_info_t::disabled
       0 if enabled, otherwise error code from initialization

   char PAPI_component_info_t::disabled_reason[128]
       Reason for failure of initialization

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::fast_counter_read
       Supports a user level PMC read instruction

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::fast_real_timer
       Supports a fast real timer

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::fast_virtual_timer
       Supports a fast virtual timer

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::hardware_intr
       hw overflow intr, does not need to be emulated in software

   int PAPI_component_info_t::hardware_intr_sig
       Signal used by hardware to deliver PMC events

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::inherit
       Supports child processes inheriting parents counters

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::kernel_multiplex
       In kernel multiplexing

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::kernel_profile
       Has kernel profiling support (buffered interrupts or sprofil-like)

   char PAPI_component_info_t::kernel_version[64]
       Version of the kernel PMC support driver

   char PAPI_component_info_t::name[128]
       Name of the component we're using

   int PAPI_component_info_t::num_cntrs
       Number of hardware counters the component supports

   int PAPI_component_info_t::num_mpx_cntrs
       Number of hardware counters the component or PAPI can multiplex supports

   int PAPI_component_info_t::num_native_events
       Number of native events the component supports

   int PAPI_component_info_t::num_preset_events
       Number of preset events the component supports

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::posix1b_timers
       Using POSIX 1b interval timers (timer_create) instead of setitimer

   unsigned int PAPI_component_info_t::precise_intr
       Performance interrupts happen precisely

   char PAPI_component_info_t::short_name[64]
	   Short name of component,

	to be prepended to event names

   char PAPI_component_info_t::support_version[64]
       Version of the support library

   char PAPI_component_info_t::version[64]
       Version of this component

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Version 			 Tue Jun 17 2014		 PAPI_component_info_t(3)
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