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JSVC(1) 			  Apache Commons Daemon project 			  JSVC(1)

       jsvc - application to launch java daemon

       jsvc [-jvm JVM name] [-client client JVM] [-server server JVM] [-classpath path]
	    [-cp path] [-java-home directory] [-version] [-help] [-?] [-nodetach] [-debug]
	    [-check] [-user user] [-wait waittime] [-umask mask] [-stop] [-verbose:class|gc|jni]
	    [-outfile /full/path/to/file] [-errfile /full/path/to/file]
	    [-pidfile /full/path/to/file] [-Dproperty=value] [-Xoption]

       jsvc executes classfile that implements a Daemon interface.

       -jvm JVM name
	   use a specific Java Virtual Machine.

       -client client JVM
	   use a client Java Virtual Machine.

       -server server JVM
	   use a server Java Virtual Machine.

       -cp/ -classpath directory and zip/jar files
	   set search path for service classes and resouces

       -java-home directory
	   set the path of your JDK or JRE installation (or set the JAVA_HOME environment

	   show the current Java environment version (to check correctness of -home and -jvm.
	   Implies -nodetach)

	   show this help page (implies -nodetach)

	   don't detach from parent process and become a daemon

	   verbosely print debugging information

	   only check service (implies -nodetach)

	   stop the service using the file given in the -pidfile option

       -wait waittime
	   wait up to waittime seconds for the service to start waittime should multiple of 10

       -umask mask
	   sets the file mode creation mask

       -user user
	   user used to run the daemon (defaults to current user)

	   enable verbose output

       -outfile /full/path/to/file
	   Location for output from stdout (defaults to /dev/null). Use the value '&2' to
	   simulate '1>&2', or 'SYSLOG' to send output to the system log.

       -errfile /full/path/to/file
	   Location for output from stderr (defaults to /dev/null). Use the value '&1' to
	   simulate '2>&1', or 'SYSLOG' to send output to the system log.

       -pidfile /full/path/to/file
	   Location for output from the file containing the pid of jsvc (defaults to

	   set a Java system property

	   set Virtual Machine specific option

       JSVC is part of the Apache Commons Daemon project. Authors are Jean-Frederic Clere, Remy
       Maucherat, Yoav Shapira, Bill Barker, Mladen Turk. JSVC is released under the Apache
       License Version 2.0.

Jsvc version 1.0.6			    06/10/2014					  JSVC(1)
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