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Tie::StdHandle(3pm)		 Perl Programmers Reference Guide	      Tie::StdHandle(3pm)

       Tie::StdHandle - base class definitions for tied handles

	   package NewHandle;
	   require Tie::Handle;

	   @ISA = qw(Tie::Handle);

	   sub READ { ... }	       # Provide a needed method
	   sub TIEHANDLE { ... }       # Overrides inherited method

	   package main;

	   tie *FH, 'NewHandle';

       The Tie::StdHandle package provide most methods for file handles described in perltie (the
       exceptions are "UNTIE" and "DESTROY").  It causes tied file handles to behave exactly like
       standard file handles and allow for selective overwriting of methods.

perl v5.16.3				    2013-03-04			      Tie::StdHandle(3pm)
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