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CentOS 7.0 - man page for __gnu_cxx::throw_allocator_limit (centos section 3)

__gnu_cxx::throw_allocator_limit< _Tp >(3)     Library Functions Manual    __gnu_cxx::throw_allocator_limit< _Tp >(3)

__gnu_cxx::throw_allocator_limit< _Tp > -
Inherits __gnu_cxx::throw_allocator_base< _Tp, limit_condition >. Public Types typedef const value_type * const_pointer typedef const value_type & const_reference typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type typedef value_type * pointer typedef std::true_type propagate_on_container_move_assignment typedef value_type & reference typedef size_t size_type typedef _Tp value_type Public Member Functions pointer address (reference __x) const noexcept const_pointer address (const_reference __x) const noexcept pointer allocate (size_type __n, std::allocator< void >::const_pointer hint=0) void check_allocated (void *p, size_t size) void check_allocated (pointer __p, size_type __n) void check_allocated (size_type __n) void construct (_Up *__p, _Args &&...__args) void deallocate (pointer __p, size_type __n) void destroy (_Up *__p) void erase (void *p, size_t size) void insert (void *p, size_t size) size_type max_size () const noexcept Static Public Member Functions static size_t & count () static size_t get_label () static size_t & limit () static void set_label (size_t l) static void set_limit (const size_t __l) static void throw_conditionally () Detailed Description template<typename _Tp>struct __gnu_cxx::throw_allocator_limit< _Tp > Allocator throwing via limit condition. Definition at line 737 of file throw_allocator.h. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Jun 10 2014 __gnu_cxx::throw_allocator_limit< _Tp >(3)

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