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CentOS 7.0 - man page for hwloc-annotate (centos section 1)

HWLOC-ANNOTATE(1)						       hwloc							 HWLOC-ANNOTATE(1)

hwloc-annotate - Add info attributes to a XML topology
hwloc-annotate [options] <input.xml> <output.xml> <location> <mode> <annotation>
--ci Clear the existing info attributes in the target objects before annotating. If no new annotation has to be added after clearing, mode should be set to none.
hwloc-annotate loads a topology from a XML file, adds some annotations, and export the resulting topology to another XML file. The input and output files may be the same. The annotation may be string info attributes. This is specified by the mode: info <name> <value> Specifies a new string info attribute whose name is name and value is value. none No new annotation is added. This is useful when clearing existing attributes. Annotations may be added to one specific object in the topology, all of them, or all of a given type. This is specified by the location: all annotates all objects in the topology. root annotates the root object of the topology. <type>:all annotates all objects of the given type. <type>:<index> annotates the object of the given type and index. The index is logical. NOTE: The existing annotations may be listed with hwloc-info. NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read the hwloc(7) overview page before reading this man page. Most of the concepts described in hwloc(7) directly apply to the hwloc-annotate utility.
hwloc-annotate's operation is best described through several examples. Add an info attribute to all Core objects: $ hwloc-annotate input.xml output.xml Core:all infoname infovalue Add an info attribute to the root object of the topology and modify the input XML directly: $ hwloc-annotate file.xml file.xml root infoname infovalue
Upon successful execution, hwloc-annotate generates the output topology. The return value is 0. hwloc-annotate will return nonzero if any kind of error occurs, such as (but not limited to) failure to parse the command line.
hwloc(7), lstopo(1), hwloc-info(1) 1.7 Apr 07, 2013 HWLOC-ANNOTATE(1)