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CentOS 7.0 - man page for th_ischr (centos section 3)

th_get_pathname(3)				   C Library Calls				   th_get_pathname(3)

th_get_pathname, th_get_uid, th_get_gid, th_get_mode, th_get_crc, th_get_size, th_get_mtime, th_get_devmajor, th_get_devminor, th_get_linkname - extract individual fields of a tar header TH_ISREG, TH_ISLNK, TH_ISSYM, TH_ISCHR, TH_ISBLK, TH_ISDIR, TH_ISFIFO - determine what kind of file a tar header refers to TH_ISLONGNAME, TH_ISLONGLINK - determine whether the GNU extensions are in use
#include <libtar.h> char *th_get_linkname(TAR *t); char *th_get_pathname(TAR *t); mode_t th_get_mode(TAR *t); uid_t th_get_uid(TAR *t); gid_t th_get_gid(TAR *t); int th_get_crc(TAR *t); off_t th_get_size(TAR *t); time_t th_get_mtime(TAR *t); major_t th_get_devmajor(TAR *t); minor_t th_get_devminor(TAR *t); int TH_ISREG(TAR *t); int TH_ISLNK(TAR *t); int TH_ISSYM(TAR *t); int TH_ISCHR(TAR *t); int TH_ISBLK(TAR *t); int TH_ISDIR(TAR *t); int TH_ISFIFO(TAR *t); int TH_ISLONGNAME(TAR *t); int TH_ISLONGLINK(TAR *t);
This man page documents version 1.2 of libtar.
The th_get_*() functions extract individual fields from the current tar header associated with the TAR handle t. The TH_IS*() macros are used to evaluate what kind of file is pointed to by the current tar header associated with the TAR handle t. The TH_ISLONGNAME() and TH_ISLONGLINK() macros evaluate whether or not the GNU extensions are used by the cur- rent tar header associated with the TAR handle t. This is only relevant if the TAR_GNU option was used when tar_open() was called.
tar_open(3) University of Illinois Jan 2001 th_get_pathname(3)
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