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lnewusers(1)									     lnewusers(1)

       lnewusers - Create new user accounts

       lnewusers [OPTION]...

       Creates new user accounts using data read from standard input.

       The input data consists of lines, each line has 7 colon-separated fields:

       User name

       Plaintext password

       User ID
	      lnewusers refuses to create users with user ID 0 (the root user ID).

       Group  If  this field is a valid group ID, it is interpreted as a group ID, otherwise as a
	      group name.  If the field is empty, a group name equal to user name is used.

	      If the specified group does not exist, it is automatically created.  If  the  group
	      is  specified  with  a group ID, the created group has group name equal to the user

       GECOS  The GECOS field is traditionally used to store user's real name and other  informa-

       Home directory
	      If  this	field  is  empty,  a  default  specified  by  libuser  configuration,  or
	      /home/username if libuser configuration does not specify a default, is used.

       Login shell
	      If this field is empty, a default specified by libuser configuration is used.

       Errors in user specifications are reported and processing continues on the next line.

       -f, --file=file
	      Read account data from file instead of standard input.

       -i, --interactive
	      Ask all questions when connecting to the user database, even if default answers are
	      set up in libuser configuration.

       -M, --nocreatehome
	      Don't create home directories.

       -n, --nocreatemail
	      Don't create mail spool files.

       The  exit  status  is 0 on success, nonzero on fatal error.  Errors in user specifications
       are not reflected in the exit status.

libuser 				   Jul 13 2008				     lnewusers(1)
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