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XmRegisterSegmentEncoding(library call) 		  XmRegisterSegmentEncoding(library call)

       XmRegisterSegmentEncoding  --  A  compound  string function that registers a compound text
       encoding format for a specified font list element tag

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       char * XmRegisterSegmentEncoding(
       char *fontlist_tag,
       char *ct_encoding);

       XmRegisterSegmentEncoding registers a compound text encoding  format  with  the	specified
       font  list  element tag. The XmCvtXmStringToCT function uses this registry to map the font
       list tags of compound string segments to compound text  encoding  formats.  Registering	a
       font  list  tag that already exists in the registry overwrites the original entry. You can
       unregister a font list tag by passing a NULL value for the ct_encoding parameter.

		 Specifies the font list element tag to be registered. The tag must  be  a  NULL-
		 terminated ISO8859-1 string.

		 Specifies  the compound text character set to be used for segments with the font
		 list tag. The value must be a NULL-terminated	ISO8859-1  string.   A	value  of
		 XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG  maps  the specified font list tag to the code set of the

       Returns NULL for a new font list tag or the old ct_encoding value for  an  already  regis-
       tered  font  list  tag.	The application is responsible for freeing the storage associated
       with the returned data (if any) by calling XtFree.

       XmCvtXmStringToCT(3), XmFontList(3), XmMapSegmentEncoding(3), and XmString(3).

							  XmRegisterSegmentEncoding(library call)
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