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Locale::gettext_xs(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	    Locale::gettext_xs(3)

       Locale::gettext_xs - XS Implementation of Uniforum Message Translation

	use gettext_xs (:locale_h :libintl_h);

	gettext $msgid;
	dgettext $domainname, $msgid;
	dcgettext $domainname, $msgid, LC_MESSAGES;
	ngettext $msgid, $msgid_plural, $count;
	dngettext $domainname, $msgid, $msgid_plural, $count;
	dcngettext $domainname, $msgid, $msgid_plural, $count, LC_MESSAGES;
	pgettext $msgctxt, $msgid;
	dpgettext $domainname, $msgctxt, $msgid;
	dcpgettext $domainname, $msgctxt, $msgid, LC_MESSAGES;
	npgettext $msgctxt, $msgid, $msgid_plural, $count;
	dnpgettext $domainname, $msgctxt, $msgid, $msgid_plural, $count;
	dcnpgettext $domainname, $msgctxt, $msgid, $msgid_plural, $count, LC_MESSAGES;
	textdomain $domainname;
	bindtextdomain $domainname, $directory;
	bind_textdomain_codeset $domainname, $encoding;
	my $category = LC_CTYPE;
	my $category = LC_NUMERIC;
	my $category = LC_TIME;
	my $category = LC_COLLATE;
	my $category = LC_MONETARY;
	my $category = LC_MESSAGES;
	my $category = LC_ALL;

       The module Locale::gettext_xs is the low-level interface to message translation according
       to the Uniforum approach that is for example used in GNU gettext and Sun's Solaris.

       The module does not necessarily work on your system.  It depends on the presence of shared
       libraries that are not always available.  The higher-level modules
       Locale::TextDomain::(3), resp.  Locale::Messages(3) will fall back to a pure Perl version
       if boostrapping Locale::gettext_xs fails.

       The interface of Locale::gettext_xs is mostly identical to the pure Perl version as
       described in Locale::gettext_pp(3), see there for details.  Differences are outlined

       Locale::gettext_xs is downwards compatible to Locale::gettext(3) by Phillip Vandry
       <vandry@Mlink.NET>.  You can use it as replacement for Locale::gettext(3).

       Please note that directory names passed to the function bindtextdomain() are automatically
       converted from Perl semantics (slash as directory separator) to local semantics (for
       example the backslash for MS-DOS).

       Copyright (C) 2002-2009, Guido Flohr <guido@imperia.net>, all rights reserved.  See the
       source code for details.

       The module is based on the work of Phillip Vandry <vandry@Mlink.NET> in

       This software is contributed to the Perl community by Imperia (<http://www.imperia.net/>).

       Locale::TextDomain(3pm), Locale::gettext_pp(3pm), Locale::gettext(3pm),
       Locale::Messages(3pm), File::Spec(3), perl(1)

       Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:

       Around line 108:
	   =cut found outside a pod block.  Skipping to next block.

perl v5.16.3				    2014-06-10			    Locale::gettext_xs(3)
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