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XML::DOM::Entity(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	      XML::DOM::Entity(3)

       XML::DOM::Entity - An XML ENTITY in XML::DOM

       XML::DOM::Entity extends XML::DOM::Node.

       This node represents an Entity declaration, e.g.

	<!ENTITY % draft 'INCLUDE'>

	<!ENTITY hatch-pic SYSTEM "../grafix/OpenHatch.gif" NDATA gif>

       The first one is called a parameter entity and is referenced like this: %draft; The 2nd is
       a (regular) entity and is referenced like this: &hatch-pic;

	   Returns the name of the notation for the entity.

	   Not Implemented The DOM Spec says: For unparsed entities, the name of the notation for
	   the entity. For parsed entities, this is null.  (This implementation does not support
	   unparsed entities.)

	   Returns the system id, or undef.

	   Returns the public id, or undef.

   Additional methods not in the DOM Spec
	   Whether it is a parameter entity (%ent;) or not (&ent;)

	   Returns the entity value.

	   Returns the NDATA declaration (for general unparsed entities), or undef.

perl v5.16.3				    2000-01-31			      XML::DOM::Entity(3)
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