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QGL(3qt)																  QGL(3qt)

QGL - Namespace for miscellaneous identifiers in the Qt OpenGL module
#include <qgl.h> Inherited by QGLFormat, QGLContext, and QGLWidget. Public Members enum FormatOption { DoubleBuffer = 0x0001, DepthBuffer = 0x0002, Rgba = 0x0004, AlphaChannel = 0x0008, AccumBuffer = 0x0010, StencilBuffer = 0x0020, StereoBuffers = 0x0040, DirectRendering = 0x0080, HasOverlay = 0x0100, SingleBuffer = DoubleBuffer<<16, NoDepthBuffer = DepthBuffer<<16, ColorIndex = Rgba<<16, NoAlphaChannel = AlphaChannel<<16, NoAccumBuffer = AccumBuffer<<16, NoStencilBuffer = StencilBuffer<<16, NoStereoBuffers = StereoBuffers<<16, IndirectRendering = DirectRendering<<16, NoOverlay = HasOverlay<<16 }
The QGL class is a namespace for miscellaneous identifiers in the Qt OpenGL module. Normally you can ignore this class. QGLWidget and the other OpenGL<sup>*</sup> module classes inherit it, so when you make your own QGLWidget subclass you can use the identifiers in the QGL namespace without qualification. However, you may occasionally find yourself in situations where you need to refer to these identifiers from outside the QGL namespace's scope, e.g. in static functions. In such cases, simply write e.g. QGL::DoubleBuffer instead of just DoubleBuffer. <sup>*</sup> OpenGL is a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc. in the United States and other countries. See also Graphics Classes and Image Processing Classes. Member Type Documentation
::FormatOption This enum specifies the format options. QGL::DoubleBuffer QGL::DepthBuffer QGL::Rgba QGL::AlphaChannel QGL::AccumBuffer QGL::StencilBuffer QGL::StereoBuffers QGL::DirectRendering QGL::HasOverlay QGL::SingleBuffer QGL::NoDepthBuffer QGL::ColorIndex QGL::NoAlphaChannel QGL::NoAccumBuffer QGL::NoStencilBuffer QGL::NoStereoBuffers QGL::IndirectRendering QGL::NoOverlay
Copyright 1992-2007 Trolltech ASA, See the license file included in the distribution for a complete license statement.
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