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__gnu_parallel::quicksort_tag(3)				 __gnu_parallel::quicksort_tag(3)

       __gnu_parallel::quicksort_tag -

       Inherits __gnu_parallel::parallel_tag.

   Public Member Functions
       quicksort_tag (_ThreadIndex __num_threads)
       _ThreadIndex __get_num_threads ()
       void set_num_threads (_ThreadIndex __num_threads)

Detailed Description
       Forces parallel sorting using unbalanced quicksort at compile time.

       Definition at line 155 of file tags.h.

Member Function Documentation
   _ThreadIndex __gnu_parallel::parallel_tag::__get_num_threads () [inline],  [inherited]
       Find out desired number of threads.

	   Desired number of threads.

       Definition at line 63 of file tags.h.

       Referenced by __gnu_parallel::__parallel_sort().

   void __gnu_parallel::parallel_tag::set_num_threads (_ThreadIndex__num_threads) [inline],
       Set the desired number of threads.

	   __num_threads Desired number of threads.

       Definition at line 73 of file tags.h.

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