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YUM-VERSIONLOCK(1)			   User Manuals 		       YUM-VERSIONLOCK(1)

       yum-versionlock - Version lock rpm packages

       yum-versionlock [ package-name [ package-name]] ...

       yum-versionlock(1)  is  a  Yum  plugin  that takes a set of name/versions for packages and
       excludes all other versions of those packages (including optionally following  obsoletes).
       This allows you to protect packages from being updated by newer versions.

       The  plugin provides a command "versionlock" which allows you to view and edit the list of
       locked packages easily.
	yum versionlock add <package-wildcard>...

       Add a versionlock for all of the packages in the rpmdb matching the given wildcards.   yum
       versionlock exclude <package-wildcard>...

       Add  a  exclude (within versionlock) for the latest versions of the packages in the avail-
       able repos. matching the given wildcards.   yum versionlock list

       List the current versionlock entries.   yum versionlock delete <entry-wildcard>...

       Remove any matching versionlock entries.   yum versionlock clear

       Remove all versionlock entries.

	      The system wide configuration file. See yum-versionlock.conf(5) for  more  informa-
	      The  default place to put package version lock information (one package and version
	      per. line). The file takes entries  in  the  following  format  EPOCH:NAME-VERSION-
	      RELEASE.ARCH  See rpm(8) for more information on custom query formats. If the pack-
	      age does not have an EPOCH the number will default to 0.

       There are of course no bugs, but should you find any, you should  first	consult  the  FAQ
       section	on  http://yum.baseurl.org/wiki/Faq  and  if unsuccessful in finding a resolution
       contact	the   mailing	list:	yum-devel@lists.baseurl.org.	To   file   a	bug   use
       http://bugzilla.redhat.com      for	Fedora/RHEL/Centos	related      bugs     and
       http://yum.baseurl.org/report for all other bugs.

       yum-versionlock is available via:
       # yum install yum-versionlock

       Panu Matilainen <pmatilai@laiskiainen.org>
       James Antill <james@and.org>
       Documentation modified by:
       Gerhardus Geldenhuis <gerhardus.geldenhuis@gmail.com>


					 28 December 2009		       YUM-VERSIONLOCK(1)
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