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XmCvtCTToXmString(library call) 				  XmCvtCTToXmString(library call)

       XmCvtCTToXmString  -- A compound string function that converts compound text to a compound

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmString XmCvtCTToXmString(
       char * text);

       XmCvtCTToXmString converts a (char *) string in compound text format to a compound string.
       The  application  must  call  XtAppInitialize before calling this function.  Conversion of
       compound text to compound strings is implementation dependent.

       text	 Specifies a string in compound text format to be converted to a compound string.

       Returns a compound string derived from the compound text.  The function allocates space to
       hold  the returned compound string.  The application is responsible for managing the allo-
       cated space.  The application can recover the allocated	space  by  calling  XmStringFree.
       The  compound  text  is	assumed to be NULL-terminated; NULLs within the compound text are
       handled correctly.  The handling of HORIZONTAL TABULATION (HT) control  characters  within
       the compound text is undefined.	The compound text format is described in the X Consortium
       Standard Compound Text Encoding.


								  XmCvtCTToXmString(library call)
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