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MKRFC2734(1)									     MKRFC2734(1)

       mkrfc2734 - Make Linux 2.4 IP over IEEE 1394 capable.


       mkrfc2734  adds	entries  to  the  Linux IEEE 1394 Configuration ROM to describe itself to
       other nodes on the bus as being capable of performing IP over IEEE 1394 (RFC 2734) duties.
       This  utility  is not necessary for Linux 2.6 as there is a kernel configuration option to
       enable this.  This  command  takes  no  arguments  and  requires  raw1394  kernel  module,
       libraw1394  library,  and  /dev/raw1394 device file. Also, it makes absolutely no sense to
       run this unless you have also loaded the eth1394 kernel module--the bits that do the  real

       mkrfc2734 and this man page was written by Dan Dennedy <dan@dennedy.org>.

					  February 2005 			     MKRFC2734(1)
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