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CHRPATH(1)			 change rpath/runpath in binaries		       CHRPATH(1)

       chrpath - change the rpath or runpath in binaries

       chrpath	[  -v  |  --version  ] [ -d | --delete ] [ -r <path> |	--replace <path> ] [ -c |
       --convert ] [ -l | --list ] [ -h | --help ] <program> [ <program> ... ]

       chrpath changes, lists or removes the rpath or runpath setting in a binary.  The rpath, or
       runpath if it is present, is where the runtime linker should look for the libraries needed
       for a program.

       -v | --version
	      Display program version number

       -d | --delete
	      Delete current rpath or runpath setting

       -c | --convert
	      Convert the rpath setting into a runpath setting

       -r <path> | --replace <path>
	      Replace current rpath or runpath setting with the path given

       -k | --keepgoing
	      Do not fail on first error, but process all arguments before returning the error.

       -l | --list
	      List the current rpath or runpath (default)

       -h | --help
	      Show usage information.

       0      If all operations were successful

       >0     if one of the operations failed.	A failing operation terminates the program unless
	      -k is specified.

       The  chrpath  program was written by Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>, based on works
       by Geoffrey Keating <geoffk@ozemail.com.au> and Peeter Joot <peeterj@ca.ibm.com>.

       This manual page was originally written by Tollef Fog Heen  <tfheen@debian.org>,  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

chrpath 				   May 4, 2002				       CHRPATH(1)
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