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XML-RPC-API2CPP(1)							       XML-RPC-API2CPP(1)

       xml-rpc-api2cpp - Make a C++ wrapper class for an XML-RPC API

       xml-rpc-api2cpp server-url remote-method-prefix c++-class-name

       xml-rpc-api2cpp queries an XML-RPC server using the XML-RPC Instrospection API designed by
       Edd Dumbill.  It then prints a C++ wrapper class to standard output.  This  class  can  be
       used with xmlrpc-c's C++ API.

       You can find a list of supported XML-RPC server libraries (and patches for many others) at

	      The  name  of  the  server  to  query.   Try   http://xmlrpc-c.sourceforge.net/cgi-

	      The  prefix  of  the methods to wrap.  For example, to wrap all the system.* calls,
	      you could specify "system".

	      The name of the C++ class to generate.  Try "SystemProxy".

       xml-rpc-api2cpp can't talk to certain PHP servers based	on  Edd  Dumbill's  PHP  library,
       because	the  trailing bytes of the XML-RPC message get truncated in HTTP pipelining mode.
       It's not clear whether this is a PHP, Apache or w3c-libwww bug.

       xml-rpc-api2cpp assumes that method descriptions are ASCII text, not HTML as specified  in
       the standard.  (In practice, both conventions are often seen.)  It may also get unhappy if
       method descriptions contain "*/".

       In general, error messages and diagnostics are still fairly poor.

       xmlrpc-c(7), xml-rpc-api2txt(1).

       This program is part of xmlrpc-c.

       This manual page was written by Eric Kidd <eric.kidd@pobox.com>.  It  may  be  distributed
       under the same terms as the rest of xmlrpc-c.

					  June 27, 2001 		       XML-RPC-API2CPP(1)
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