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XMLPRETTY(1)		       User Contributed Perl Documentation		     XMLPRETTY(1)

       xmlpretty - XML pretty printer

	 xmlpretty [--options] [filename]

       xmlpretty is the commandline interface to XML::Handler::YAWriter, acting as a tool to add
       and remove pretty printing to XML files.

       xmlpretty has several methods to add human readablitiy.

       If you want to add readablity without adding so-called ignorable whitespace, use it in the
       following way :

	 $ xmlpretty --AddHiddenNewline \
		     --AddHiddenAttrTab \
		 --CatchEmptyElement \
		 uglyfile.xml > prettyfile.xml

       If you do not want to process the file further, but only want it human readable, add
       visible whitespace to the file as follows :

	 $ xmlpretty --PrettyWhiteNewline \
		     --PrettyWhiteIndent \
		 --CatchEmptyElement \
		 uglyfile.xml > prettyfile.xml

       You may use YAWriter to clean whitespace from XML documents.  This may work in 99% of the
       cases where you want to get rid of ignorable whitespace caused by the various forms of
       pretty printing.

	 $ xmlpretty --NoWhiteSpace \
		     --NoComments \
		     --AddHiddenNewline \
		 --AddHiddenAttrTab \
		 --CatchEmptyElement \
		 prettyfile.xml > cleanfile.xml

       Options are given in a gnu like --option idiom.

       AddHiddenNewline boolean
	   Add hidden newline before ">"

       AddHiddenAttrTab boolean
	   Add hidden tabulation for attributes

       CatchEmptyElement boolean
	   Catch empty Elements, apply "/>" compression

       CatchWhiteSpace boolean
	   Catch whitespace with comments

       IsSGML boolean
	   This option will cause start_document, processing_instruction and doctype_decl to
	   appear as SGML. The SGML is still well-formed of course, if your SAX events are well-

       NoComments boolean
	   Supress Comments

       NoDTD boolean
	   Supress DTD

       NoPI boolean
	   Supress Processing Instructions

       NoProlog boolean
	   Supress <?xml ... ?> Prolog

       NoWhiteSpace boolean
	   Supress WhiteSpace to clean documents from prior pretty printing.

       PrettyWhiteIndent boolean
	   Add visible indent before any eventstring

       PrettyWhiteNewline boolean
	   Add visible newlines before any eventstring

       SAX1 boolean (not yet implemented)
	   Output only SAX1 compilant eventstrings

       Automatic recoding between 8bit and 16bit does not yet work correctly !

       I have Perl-5.6 at home and here I can specify "use utf8;" in the right places to make
       recoding work. But I dislike saying "use 5.00555;" because many systems run 5.00503.

       Michael Koehne, Kraehe@Copyleft.De

       "Derksen, Eduard (Enno), CSCIO" <enno@att.com> helped me with the Escape hash and gave
       quite a lot of usefull comments.

       perl and XML::Parser::PerlSAX

perl v5.16.3				    2000-06-20				     XMLPRETTY(1)
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