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esdcompat(1)									     esdcompat(1)

       esdcompat - PulseAudio ESD wrapper script

       esdcompat [options]

       esdcompat --help

       esdcompat --version

       esdcompat  is  a compatiblity script that takes the same arguments as the ESD sound daemon
       esd(1), but uses them to start a the PulseAudio sound server with the appropriate  parame-
       ters. It is required to make PulseAudio a drop-in replacement for esd, i.e. it can be used
       to make gnome-session(1) start up PulseAudio instead of esd.

       It is recommended to make esd a symbolic link to this script.

       -h | --help
	      Show help.

	      Show version information.

       -tcp | -promiscuous | -d | -b | -r | -as | -unix |  -public  |  -terminate  |  -nobeeps	|
       -trust | -port | -bind
	      These options understood by the original esd are ignored by esdcompat.

       -spawnpid | -spawnfd
	      These  internally  used options understood by the original esd are properly handled
	      by esdcompat, however are not to be used manually.

       The PulseAudio Developers <pulseaudio-discuss (at) lists  (dot)	freedesktop  (dot)  org>;
       PulseAudio is available from http://pulseaudio.org/

       pulseaudio(1), esd(1)

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