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find-repos-of-install(1)						 find-repos-of-install(1)

       find-repos-of-install - report which Yum repository a package was installed from

       find-repos-of-install [options] package1 [package2...]

       find-repos-of-install is a program which reports the Yum repository that a specified pack-
       age was installed from.

	      Report program version and exit.

       -h, --help
	      Display a help message, and then quit.

	      Specify repo ids to  query,  can	be  specified  multiple  times	(default  is  all

	      In  addition  to the default set, query the given additional repository, even if it
	      is disabled in YUM configuration.  Can be used multiple times.

	      Do not query the given repository, even if it is enabled in YUM configuration.  Can
	      be used multiple times.

	      Specify  a  path	or  url to a repository (same path as in a baseurl) to add to the
	      repositories for this query. This option can be used multiple times. If you want to
	      view  only the pkgs from this repository combine this with --repoid. The repoid for
	      the repository is specified by REPOID.

       -C, --cache
	      Tells repoquery to run entirely from YUM cache - does not download any metadata  or
	      update  the  cache. Queries in this mode can fail or give partial/incorrect results
	      if the cache isn't fully populated beforehand with eg "yum makecache".

	      Use a temp dir for storing/accessing yum-cache.

	      Sync anything that is found to the yumdb, if available.

       yum.conf (5)

       See the Authors file included with this program.

					 13 January 2013		 find-repos-of-install(1)
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