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Tk_ImageChanged(3)		      Tk Library Procedures		       Tk_ImageChanged(3)


       Tk_ImageChanged - notify widgets that image needs to be redrawn

       #include <tk.h>

       Tk_ImageChanged(imageMaster, x, y, width, height, imageWidth, imageHeight)

       Tk_ImageMaster imageMaster (in)		Token for image, which was passed to image's cre-
						ateProc when the image was created.

       int x (in)				X-coordinate of upper-left corner of region  that
						needs  redisplay (measured from upper-left corner
						of image).

       int y (in)				Y-coordinate of upper-left corner of region  that
						needs  redisplay (measured from upper-left corner
						of image).

       int width (in)				Width of region that needs to be redrawn, in pix-

       int height (in)				Height	of  region  that  needs to be redrawn, in

       int imageWidth (in)			Current width of image, in pixels.

       int imageHeight (in)			Current height of image, in pixels.

       An image manager calls  Tk_ImageChanged	for  an  image	whenever  anything  happens  that
       requires  the  image  to  be redrawn.  As a result of calling Tk_ImageChanged, any widgets
       using the image are notified so that they can  redisplay  themselves  appropriately.   The
       imageMaster argument identifies the image, and x, y, width, and height specify a rectangu-
       lar region within the image that needs to be redrawn.  imageWidth and imageHeight  specify
       the image's (new) size.

       An  image manager should call Tk_ImageChanged during its createProc to specify the image's
       initial size and to force redisplay if there are existing instances for the image.  If any
       of  the pixel values in the image should change later on, Tk_ImageChanged should be called
       again with x, y, width, and height values that cover all the pixels that changed.  If  the
       size  of  the image should change, then Tk_ImageChanged must be called to indicate the new
       size, even if no pixels need to be redisplayed.


       images, redisplay, image size changes

Tk					       4.0			       Tk_ImageChanged(3)
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