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XmClipboardWithdrawFormat(library call) 		  XmClipboardWithdrawFormat(library call)

       XmClipboardWithdrawFormat  --  A clipboard function that indicates that the application no
       longer wants to supply a data item

       #include <Xm/CutPaste.h>
       int XmClipboardWithdrawFormat (display, window, data_id)
	       Display * display;
	       Window  window;
	       long    data_id;

       XmClipboardWithdrawFormat indicates that the application no longer supplies a data item to
       the clipboard that the application had previously passed by name.

       display	 Specifies  a  pointer	to  the Display structure that was returned in a previous
		 call to XOpenDisplay or XtDisplay.

       window	 Specifies the window ID of a widget that relates the application window  to  the
		 clipboard.   The  widget's window ID can be obtained through XtWindow.  The same
		 application instance should pass the same window ID to each  clipboard  function
		 it calls.

       data_id	 Specifies an identifying number assigned to the data item, that uniquely identi-
		 fies the data item and the format. This was assigned to the  item  when  it  was
		 originally passed by XmClipboardCopy.

		 The function was successful.

		 The function failed because the clipboard was locked by another application. The
		 application can continue to call the function again  with  the  same  parameters
		 until	the  lock goes away. This gives the application the opportunity to ask if
		 the user wants to keep trying or to give up on the operation.

       XmClipboardCopy(3) and XmClipboardStartCopy(3).

							  XmClipboardWithdrawFormat(library call)
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