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avahi-bookmarks(1)							       avahi-bookmarks(1)

       avahi-bookmarks	- Web service showing mDNS/DNS-SD announced HTTP services using the Avahi


       A web service for listing HTTP services that are announced via mDNS/DNS-SD using the Avahi
       daemon.	avahi-bookmarks  opens a TCP socket on port 8080 and waits for incoming HTTP con-
       nections returning a dynamic web site containing links to all services of type  _http._tcp
       on the LAN. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/ to make use of avahi-bookmarks.

       -p | --port= PORT
	      Specify a TCP port number to listen on. If omitted defaults to 8080.

       -a | --address= address
	      Specify  an  IP  address	to  listen  on. If omitted defaults to Specify if you want to allow remote access.

       -H | --host-names
	      Create links pointing to mDNS host names instead of resolved IP addreses.  This  is
	      only  compatible	with  your  browser  if  you run some kind of local NSS module to
	      resolve mDNS host names (e.g. nss-mdns). If both -A and -H are ommited  avahi-book-
	      marks  detects whether NSS support is available locally. This option conflicts with

       -A | --addresses
	      Create links pointing to numeric IP addresses instead of mDNS host names. This will
	      break access to hosts running virtual servers. If both -A and -H are ommited avahi-
	      bookmarks detects whether NSS support is available locally. This	option	conflicts
	      with -H.

       -d | --domain=DOMAIN
	      The domain to browse for services in.

       -h | --help
	      Show help

       The  Avahi  Developers  <avahi (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>; Avahi is available
       from http://avahi.org/

       avahi-browse(1), avahi-daemon(8)

       This man page was written using xml2man(1) by Oliver Kurth.

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