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IBV_CREATE_AH(3)		  Libibverbs Programmer's Manual		 IBV_CREATE_AH(3)

       ibv_create_ah, ibv_destroy_ah - create or destroy an address handle (AH)

       #include <infiniband/verbs.h>

       struct ibv_ah *ibv_create_ah(struct ibv_pd *pd,
				    struct ibv_ah_attr *attr);

       int ibv_destroy_ah(struct ibv_ah *ah);

       ibv_create_ah()	creates  an address handle (AH) associated with the protection domain pd.
       The argument attr is an ibv_ah_attr struct, as defined in <infiniband/verbs.h>.

       struct ibv_ah_attr {
	       struct ibv_global_route grh;	       /* Global Routing Header (GRH) attributes */
	       uint16_t 	       dlid;	       /* Destination LID */
	       uint8_t		       sl;	       /* Service Level */
	       uint8_t		       src_path_bits;  /* Source path bits */
	       uint8_t		       static_rate;    /* Maximum static rate */
	       uint8_t		       is_global;      /* GRH attributes are valid */
	       uint8_t		       port_num;       /* Physical port number */

       struct ibv_global_route {
	       union ibv_gid	       dgid;	       /* Destination GID or MGID */
	       uint32_t 	       flow_label;     /* Flow label */
	       uint8_t		       sgid_index;     /* Source GID index */
	       uint8_t		       hop_limit;      /* Hop limit */
	       uint8_t		       traffic_class;  /* Traffic class */

       ibv_destroy_ah() destroys the AH ah.

       ibv_create_ah() returns a pointer to the created AH, or NULL if the request fails.

       ibv_destroy_ah() returns 0 on success, or the value of errno on failure	(which	indicates
       the failure reason).

       ibv_alloc_pd(3), ibv_init_ah_from_wc(3), ibv_create_ah_from_wc(3)

       Dotan Barak <dotanba@gmail.com>

libibverbs				    2006-10-31				 IBV_CREATE_AH(3)
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