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     glutInitDisplayString -- Set the window creation display mode.

     OpenGLUT - window

     #include <openglut.h>

     glutInitDisplayString(const char *displayMode);

      displayMode     Requested display mode string.

     glutInitDisplayString() permits you to define a display mode for subsequent windows that you
     open.  In most regards, control is at least as fine as with glutInitDisplaymode().

     The  displayMode  parameter is case-sensitive, and tokens are separated by ASCII TABs (\t)
     and SPACEs.

      -  index
     Enables  GLUT_INDEX.

      -  luminance
     Enables  GLUT_LUMINANCE.	Enables  GLUT_STENCIL.

      -  red
     Number of red channel bits.

      -  green
     Number of green channel bits.

      -  blue
     Number of blue channel bits.

      -  alpha
     Number of alpha channel bits.  Enables  GLUT_ALPHA.

      -  rgb
     Number of	RGB  channel bits, no aplha bits.  Enables  GLUT_RGB.

      -  rgba
     Number of	RGBA  channel bits.  Enables  GLUT_RGBA.

      -  depth
     Number of depth buffer bits.

      -  stencil
     Number of stencil buffer bits.

      -  double
     Enables  GLUT_DOUBLE.

      -  single
     Enables  GLUT_SINGLE.

      -  stereo
     Enables  GLUT_STERO.

      -  acca
     Number of	RGBA  accumulation bits.  Enables  GLUT_ACCUM.

      -  acc
     Number of	RGB  accumulation bits.  Enables  GLUT_ACCUM.

      -  samples
     Number of samples for GLX's  SGIS_Multisample.   Enables  GLUT_MULTISAMPLE.

      -  buffer
     [TODO] Sets bits in index mode?

      -  conformant
     [TODO] Conformant with what?  Enables  GLUT_DEPTH.

      -  slow
     [TODO] Indicates if a frame-buffer is slow.

      -  num
     [TODO] Appears to select a frame-buffer configuration by number from an unspecified list.
     Probably very non-portable.

     A special capability  name indicating where the value represents the Nth frame buffer con-
     figuration matching the description string

      -  win32pdf
     Win32 specific: Pixel Format Descriptor

      -  win32pfd
     Win32 specific: Pixel Format Descriptor

      -  xvisual
     X11 specific: X Visual

      -  xstaticgray
     X11 specific: "staticgray" mode.

      -  xgrayscale
     X11 specific: "grayscale" mode.

      -  xstaticcolor
     X11 specific: "staticcolor" mode.

      -  xpseudocolor
     X11 specific: "pseudocolor" mode.

      -  xtruecolor
     X11 specific: "trueolor" mode.

      -  xdirectcolor
     X11 specific: "directcolor" mode.

     Conflicting modes, such as  single  and  double  have the same interaction as for glutInit-

      GLUT_BORDERLESS  and  GLUT_OFFSCREEN  are not represented.

     Not all features appear to be implemented.  In particular, numeric parameters and comparator
     specifications are lacking. See GLUT 3.7 sources for example.

     PyOpenGL <a href="http://pyopengl.sourceforge.net/documentation/manual/glutInitDis-
     playString.3GLUT.html"> glutInitDisplayString</a> documentation.

     glutInit(3) glutInitWindowPosition(3) glutInitWindowSize(3) glutInitDisplayMode(3)

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