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mergerepo(1)									     mergerepo(1)

       mergerepo - Merge multiple repositories together

       mergerepo --repo repo1 --repo repo2

       mergerepo  is  a program that allows you merge multiple repositories into a single reposi-
       tory while referring to the remote location for all packages.

       -r --repo <url>
	      Url to a repository to be merged.

       -o --outputdir <directory>
	      Path where merged repository metadata should be written to. If not specified repos-
	      itory metadata will be written to `pwd`/merged_repo/.

       -d --database
	      Generate sqlite databases of the merged repository metadata.

       -a --archlist
	      Specify a comma-separated list of architectures to use. Defaults to ALL.

	      Do not merge/include groups metadata in the repository.

	      Do not merge/include updateinfo metadata in the repository.

       $    mergerepo	 --repo=http://myurl.org/repo1	  --repo=http://myurl.org/repo2   -d   -o

       createrepo (8)

       Seth Vidal <skvidal@fedoraproject.org>

       Any  bugs  which  are  found  should  be  emailed   to	the   mailing	list:	rpm-meta-
       data@lists.baseurl.org or filed as tickets at: http://createrepo.baseurl.org/

Seth Vidal				   2008 Oct 21				     mergerepo(1)
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