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3(2005-06-09)									    3(2005-06-09)

       CMPIEnumeration - CMPIEnumeration class implementation

   Public Attributes
       int void * hdl
	   Opaque pointer to class instance data.
       CMPIEnumerationFT * ft
	   Pointer to the Args Function Table.

   CMPIStatus(* release )(CMPIEnumeration *en)
       The Enumeration object will not be used any further and may be freed by CMPI run time sys-
   CMPIEnumeration *(* clone )(CMPIEnumeration *en, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Create an independent copy of this Enumeration object.
   CMPIData(* getNext )(CMPIEnumeration *en, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Get the next element of this Enumeration.
   CMPIBoolean(* hasNext )(CMPIEnumeration *en, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Test for any elements left in this Enumeration.
   CMPIArray *(* toArray )(CMPIEnumeration *en, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Convert this Enumeration into an Array.

       Native CMPIEnumeration implementation.

       This is the native  CMPIEnumeration  implementation  as	used  for  remote  providers.  It
       reflects  the well-defined interface of a regular CMPIEnumeration, however, it works inde-
       pendently from the management broker.

       It is part of a native broker implementation that simulates CMPI data  types  rather  than
       interacting with the entities in a full-grown CIMOM.

       Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) - OpenGroup

SFCBroker Client Library		       sfcc				    3(2005-06-09)
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