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XmGetTearOffControl(library call)				XmGetTearOffControl(library call)

       XmGetTearOffControl  --	A  RowColumn function that obtains the widget ID for the tear-off
       control in a menu

       #include <Xm/RowColumn.h>
       Widget XmGetTearOffControl(
       Widget menu);

       XmGetTearOffControl provides the application with the means for obtaining the widget ID of
       the internally created tear-off control in a tear-off menu.

       RowColumn  creates a tear-off control for a PulldownMenu or PopupMenu when the XmNtearOff-
       Model resource is initialized or set to XmTEAR_OFF_ENABLED.  The  tear-off  control  is	a
       widget  that  appears  as  the  first element in the menu.  The user tears off the menu by
       means of mouse or keyboard events in the tear-off control.

       The tear-off control has Separator-like behavior.  Once the application has  obtained  the
       widget  ID  of the tear-off control, it can set resources to specify the appearance of the
       control.  The application or user can also set these resources in a resource file by using
       the  name of the control, which is TearOffControl.  For a list of the resources the appli-
       cation or user can set, see XmRowColumn(3).

       menu	 Specifies the widget ID of the RowColumn PulldownMenu or PopupMenu

       For more information on tear-off menus and a complete  definition  of  RowColumn  and  its
       associated resources, see XmRowColumn(3).

       Returns the widget ID for the tear-off control, or NULL if no tear-off control exists.  An
       application should not assume that the returned widget will be of any particular class.


								XmGetTearOffControl(library call)
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