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sepolicy(8)															       sepolicy(8)

sepolicy - SELinux Policy Inspection tool SYNOPSIS
sepolicy [-h] [-P policy_path ] {booleans,communicate,generate,interface,manpage,network,transition} OPTIONS Arguments: booleans Query SELinux policy to see description of booleans sepolicy-boolean(8) communicate Query SELinux policy to see if domains can communicate with each other sepolicy-communicate(8) generate Generate SELinux Policy module template gui Launch Graphical User Interface for SELinux Policy, requires policycoreutils-gui package. sepolicy-generate(8) interface Print SELinux Policy interface information sepolicy-interface(8) manpage Generate SELinux man pages sepolicy-manpage(8) network Query SELinux policy network information sepolicy-network(8) transition Query SELinux Policy to see how a source process domain can transition to the target process domain sepolicy-transition(8) DESCRIPTION
sepolicy is a tools set that will query the installed SELinux policy and generate useful reports, man pages, or even new policy modules. See the argument specific man pages for options and descriptions. OPTIONS
-P, --policy Alternate policy to analyze. (Defaults to currently installed policy /sys/fs/selinux/policy) -h, --help Display help message AUTHOR
This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <> SEE ALSO
selinux(8), sepolicy-booleans(8), sepolicy-communicate(8), sepolicy-generate(8),sepolicy-gui(8), sepolicy-interface(8), sepolicy-net- work(8), sepolicy-manpage(8), sepolicy-transition(8) 20121005 sepolicy(8)

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sepolicy-network(8)													       sepolicy-network(8)

sepolicy-network - Examine the SELinux Policy and generate a network report SYNOPSIS
sepolicy network [-h] (-l | -a application [application ...] | -p PORT [PORT ...] | -t TYPE [TYPE ...] | -d DOMAIN [DOMAIN ...]) DESCRIPTION
Use sepolicy network to examine SELinux Policy and generate network reports. OPTIONS
-a, --application Generate a report listing the ports to which the specified init application is allowed to connect and or bind. -d, --domain Generate a report listing the ports to which the specified domain is allowed to connect and or bind. -l, --list List all Network Port Types defined in SELinux Policy -h, --help Display help message -t, --type Generate a report listing the port numbers associate with the specified SELinux port type. -p, --port Generate a report listing the SELinux port types associate with the specified port number. EXAMPLES
sepolicy network -p 22 22: tcp ssh_port_t 22 22: udp reserved_port_t 1-511 22: tcp reserved_port_t 1-511 sepolicy network -a /usr/sbin/sshd sshd_t: tcp name_connect 111 (portmap_port_t) 53 (dns_port_t) 88, 750, 4444 (kerberos_port_t) 9080 (ocsp_port_t) 9180, 9701, 9443-9447 (pki_ca_port_t) 32768-61000 (ephemeral_port_t) all ports < 1024 (reserved_port_type) all ports with out defined types (port_t) sshd_t: tcp name_bind 22 (ssh_port_t) 5900-5983, 5985-5999 (vnc_port_t) 6000-6020 (xserver_port_t) 32768-61000 (ephemeral_port_t) all ports > 500 and < 1024 (rpc_port_type) all ports with out defined types (port_t) sshd_t: udp name_bind 32768-61000 (ephemeral_port_t) all ports > 500 and < 1024 (rpc_port_type) all ports with out defined types (port_t) AUTHOR
This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <> SEE ALSO
sepolicy(8), selinux(8), semanage(8) 20121005 sepolicy-network(8)
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