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os-prober(1)									     os-prober(1)

       os-prober -- Discover bootable partitions on the local system.


       The os-prober utility will scan all disks available on the system for other operating sys-
       tems.  For each discovered OS, it will output a line of the form:

       <partition>:<descriptive name>:<short name>:<kind of loader>

       For example, on system with Windows XP installed on /dev/sda1, os-prober will display:

       /dev/sda1:Windows NT/2000/XP:WinNT:chain

       Note that for Linux systems that are  discovered,  a  call  to  linux-boot-prober  may  be
       required in order to fully discover the necessary information to boot the system.


os-prober				   20 Jan 2014				     os-prober(1)
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