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       Perl::Critic::Policy::BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUniversalCan - Write "eval {
       $foo->can($name) }" instead of "UNIVERSAL::can($foo, $name)".

       This Policy is part of the core Perl::Critic distribution.

	   print UNIVERSAL::can($obj, 'Foo::Bar') ? 'yes' : 'no';  #not ok
	   print eval { $obj->can('Foo::Bar') } ? 'yes' : 'no';    #ok

       As of Perl 5.9.3, the use of UNIVERSAL::can as a function has been deprecated and the
       method form is preferred instead.  Formerly, the functional form was recommended because
       it gave valid results even when the object was "undef" or an unblessed scalar.  However,
       the functional form makes it impossible for packages to override "can()", a technique
       which is crucial for implementing mock objects and some facades.

       See UNIVERSAL::can for a more thorough discussion of this topic.

       This Policy is not configurable except for the standard options.


       Chris Dolan <cdolan@cpan.org>

       Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Chris Dolan.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.  The full text of this license can be found in the LICENSE file
       included with this module.

perl v5.16.3			  Perl::Critic::Policy::BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUniversalCan(3)
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