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augenrules(8) [centos man page]

AUGENRULES:(8)						  System Administration Utilities					    AUGENRULES:(8)

augenrules - a script that merges component audit rule files SYNOPSIS
augenrules [--check] [--load] DESCRIPTION
augenrules is a script that merges all component audit rules files, found in the audit rules directory, /etc/audit/rules.d, placing the merged file in /etc/audit/audit.rules. Component audit rule files, must end in .rules in order to be processed. All other files in /etc/audit/rules.d are ignored. The files are concatenated in order, based on their natural sort (see -v option of ls(1)) and stripped of empty and comment (#) lines. The last processed -D directive without an option, if present, is always emitted as the first line in the resultant file. Those with an option are replicated in place. The last processed -b directive, if present, is always emitted as the second line in the resultant file. The last processed -f directive, if present, is always emitted as the third line in the resultant file. The last processed -e directive, if present, is always emitted as the last line in the resultant file. The generated file is only copied to /etc/audit/rules.d, if it differs. OPTIONS
--check test if rules have changed and need updating without overwriting audit.rules. --load load old or newly built rules into the kernel. FILES
/etc/audit/rules.d/ /etc/audit/audit.rules SEE ALSO
audit.rules(8), auditctl(8), auditd(8). Red Hat Apr 2013 AUGENRULES:(8)

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AUTRACE:(8)						  System Administration Utilities					       AUTRACE:(8)

autrace - a program similar to strace SYNOPSIS
autrace program [-r] [program-args]... DESCRIPTION
autrace is a program that will add the audit rules to trace a process similar to strace. It will then execute the program passing arguments to it. The resulting audit information will be in the audit logs if the audit daemon is running or syslog. This command deletes all audit rules prior to executing the target program and after executing it. As a safety precaution, it will not run unless all rules are deleted with auditctl prior to use. OPTIONS
-r Limit syscalls collected to ones needed for analyzing resource usage. This could help people doing threat modeling. This saves space in logs. EXAMPLES
The following illustrates a typical session: autrace /bin/ls /tmp ausearch --start recent -p 2442 -i and for resource usage mode: autrace -r /bin/ls ausearch --start recent -p 2450 --raw | aureport --file --summary ausearch --start recent -p 2450 --raw | aureport --host --summary SEE ALSO
ausearch(8), auditctl(8). AUTHOR
Steve Grubb Red Hat Jan 2007 AUTRACE:(8)

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