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CentOS 7.0 - man page for idevicediagnostics (centos section 1)

idevicediagnostics(1)					      General Commands Manual					     idevicediagnostics(1)

idevicediagnostics - Interact with the diagnostics interface of a device.
idevicediagnostics [OPTIONS] COMMAND
Interact with the diagnostics interface of a device which allows to retrive all kinds of information including diagnostics data, mobi- legestalt data, remote access to the IORegistry and certain commands like restart, shutdown and sleep. Only available for iOS 4 and later. Accessing IORegistry is only supported on iOS 5 and later.
-u, --udid UDID target specific device by its 40-digit device UDID. -d, --debug enable communication debugging. -h, --help prints usage information.
diagnostics [TYPE] print diagnostics information from device optionally by TYPE. This includes "All", "WiFi", "GasGauge" or "NAND". Default is "All". mobilegestalt KEY [...] print values of mobilegestalt keys passed as arguments after the command and seperated by a space. ioreg [PLANE] print IORegistry of device, optionally by PLANE like "IODeviceTree", "IOPower" or "IOService". Only available on iOS 5 and later. shutdown shutdown device restart restart device sleep put device into sleep mode which also disconnects it from the host.
Martin Szulecki idevicediagnostics(1)