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Net::DNS::Text(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation		Net::DNS::Text(3)

       Net::DNS::Text - Domain Name System text representation

	   use Net::DNS::Text;

	   $object = new Net::DNS::Text('example');
	   $string = $object->string;

	   $object = decode Net::DNS::Text( \$data, $offset );
	   ( $object, $next ) = decode Net::DNS::Text( \$data, $offset );

	   $data = $object->encode;
	   $text = $object->value;

       The "Net::DNS::Text" module implements a class of text objects with associated class and
       instance methods.

       Each text object instance has a fixed identity throughout its lifetime.

	   $object = new Net::DNS::Text('example');

       Creates a text object which encapsulates a single character string component of a resource

       Arbitrary single-byte characters can be represented by \ followed by exactly three decimal
       digits. Such characters are devoid of any special meaning.

       A character preceded by \ represents itself, without any special interpretation.

	   $object = decode Net::DNS::Text( \$buffer, $offset );

	   ( $object, $next ) = decode Net::DNS::Text( \$buffer, $offset );

       Creates a text object which represents the decoded data at the indicated offset within the
       data buffer.

       The argument list consists of a reference to a scalar containing the wire-format data and
       offset of the text data.

       The returned offset value indicates the start of the next item in the data buffer.

	   $data = $object->encode;

       Returns the wire-format encoded representation of the text object suitable for inclusion
       in a DNS packet buffer.

	   $value = $text->value;

       Character string representation of the text object.

	   $string = $text->string;

       Conditionally quoted zone file representation of the text object.

       Coding strategy is intended to avoid creating unnecessary argument lists and stack frames.
       This improves efficiency at the expense of code readability.

       Platform specific character coding features are conditionally compiled into the code.

       Copyright (c)2009-2011 Dick Franks.

       All rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       perl, Net::DNS, RFC1035, RFC3629, Unicode Technical Report #16

perl v5.16.3				    2012-12-28				Net::DNS::Text(3)
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