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XmTextGetCenterline(library call)				XmTextGetCenterline(library call)

       XmTextGetCenterline  --	Return the height (length) of a character string when the writing
       direction is vertical

       #include <Xm/Text.h>
       int XmTextGetCenterline(
       Widget widget);

       XmTextGetCenterline accesses the x position of the centerline in the Text widget, relative
       to the x position of the top of the widget.

       widget	 Specifies the Text widget ID.

       In the case of horizontal writing, this function accesses 0.

       In  the	case of vertical writing, this function accesses the x position of the first cen-
       terline in the Text widget, relative to the x position of the left  of  the  widget.   The
       calculation  takes  into  account the margin width, shadow thickness, highlight thickness,
       and a half of font width of the first font(set) in the fontlist used for drawing text.

       XmText(3), XmTextGetBaseline(3)

								XmTextGetCenterline(library call)
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