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QSizeGrip(3qt)											       QSizeGrip(3qt)

QSizeGrip - Corner-grip for resizing a top-level window
#include <qsizegrip.h> Inherits QWidget. Public Members QSizeGrip ( QWidget * parent, const char * name = 0 ) ~QSizeGrip () virtual QSize sizeHint () const Protected Members virtual void paintEvent ( QPaintEvent * e ) virtual void mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent * e ) virtual void mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent * e )
The QSizeGrip class provides a corner-grip for resizing a top-level window. This widget works like the standard Windows resize handle. In the X11 version this resize handle generally works differently from the one provided by the system; we hope to reduce this difference in the future. Put this widget anywhere in a widget tree and the user can use it to resize the top-level window. Generally, this should be in the lower right-hand corner. Note that QStatusBar already uses this widget, so if you have a status bar (e.g. you are using QMainWindow), then you don't need to use this widget explicitly. [Image Omitted] [Image Omitted] See also QStatusBar, Widget Appearance and Style, Main Window and Related Classes, and Basic Widgets.
QSizeGrip::QSizeGrip ( QWidget * parent, const char * name = 0 ) Constructs a resize corner called name, as a child widget of parent. QSizeGrip::~QSizeGrip () Destroys the size grip. void QSizeGrip::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent * e ) [virtual protected] Resizes the top-level widget containing this widget. The event is in e. Reimplemented from QWidget. void QSizeGrip::mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent * e ) [virtual protected] Primes the resize operation. The event is in e. Reimplemented from QWidget. void QSizeGrip::paintEvent ( QPaintEvent * e ) [virtual protected] Paints the resize grip. Resize grips are usually rendered as small diagonal textured lines in the lower-right corner. The event is in e. Reimplemented from QWidget. QSize QSizeGrip::sizeHint () const [virtual] Returns the size grip's size hint; this is a small size. Reimplemented from QWidget.
http://doc.trolltech.com/qsizegrip.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html
Copyright 1992-2007 Trolltech ASA, http://www.trolltech.com. See the license file included in the distribution for a complete license statement.
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